Siemens Extends Intel Cybersecurity Tie-Up to Protect Factories

Siemens AG extended its cybersecurity cooperation with Intel Corp.’s McAfee division as Europe’s largest engineering company leans more heavily on supplying industrial products with Web connectivity.

McAfee will help its partner improve so-called managed security services and provide the latest firewall protection against hackers, Munich-based Siemens said in a statement. In the wake of the Stuxnet computer virus, which attacked Siemens industrial controllers, McAfee agreed in 2011 to supply software that protected the German manufacturer’s products.

“Industrial security is one of the building blocks for strong demand of connected manufacturing environments,” Siegfried Russwurm, head of Siemens’s industry sector, said in the statement. “This partnership will be an important foundation for the future of manufacturing.”

As industrial suppliers offer more products with connectivity to monitor and control manufacturing remotely, they are also fighting to ensure such products aren’t vulnerable to malicious software attacks. Lockheed Martin Corp. agreed March 12 to acquire security specialist Industrial Defender Inc., while Siemens last year started rolling out a managed cybersecurity solution. That service promises to protect industrial equipment for the duration of its life cycle.

Siemens Chief Executive Officer Joe Kaeser has said the company will probably double its software workforce from the current 35,000 in the next decade. The company offers products which can remotely identify patterns in hardware performance in order to reduce downtime and increase energy efficiency.

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