Overseas Investors Buy Net 2.5b Rupees of Indian Equities

Overseas funds bought 31.1b rupees of shrs, sold 28.6b rupees on April 7: SEBI website. * Net inflow $41.5m * Net shrs bought this yr $4.94b: Bloomberg data * Inflows in March $3.7b, most in 10 mos: Bloomberg data * Net shr inflow $20b in 2013 * NOTE: Net shr purchases $24.6b in 2012 * NOTE: Record shr purchases $29.3b in 2010 * Net bonds bought 2.12b rupees on April 7 * Net debt inflows in 2014 at 360b rupees or $5.84b * Net bonds sold 508.5b rupees in 2013 * NOTE: Net investment since Nov. 1992: 7.132t rupees in stks, 1.409t in bonds: SEBI * NOTE: SEBI data on trades by large investors, including in primary and secondary mkts, provided with a day’s lag

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