Cameron’s U.K. Digital Plan Sees Movies Downloaded in One Second

Prime Minister David Cameron’s government will lay out a strategy for the U.K.’s digital spectrum today, promising 5G mobile broadband that can download a feature film in less than one second.

Cameron last night said he wanted Britain to be a world leader in digital technology and offered 45 million pounds ($75 million) for research into “the Internet of things” -- a project to make household devices communicate with each other. The government today will publish its strategy for managing to U.K.’s digital spectrum over the next decade, Cameron’s office said.

“This is a world on fast forward, a world of permanent technological revolution,” Cameron said in a speech last night at a technology conference in Hanover, Germany. “In this world, countries like the U.K. and Germany will only succeed if we have a relentless drive for new ideas and innovations.”

The spectrum strategy will be designed to encourage maximum use of wireless frequencies, with the same principles applying to private and public users.

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