Most Read on Bloomberg: Stocks, Trading Empire, Citigroup, Putin

The following list comprises the of the most-read stories. Lists are based on daily statistics through Friday, March 7.


1. Stocks Slide Most in Month as Crimea Fans Bond Gains; Oil Climbs

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Stocks slid, with an index of global equities tumbling the most in a month, while the ruble weakened to an all-time low as Russia’s growing military presence in Ukraine prompted an emerging-market selloff. The yen, U.S. Treasuries and gold rose as investors sought havens.

2. Stocks Rally From Biggest Slump in Month as Gold to Oil Retreat

March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Global stocks rebounded from the biggest drop in a month and the ruble rallied as Russia said there was no immediate need to invade eastern Ukraine. Bonds retreated with gold as oil slipped the most in two months.

3. Duo Who Built Trading Empire Set Sights on JPMorgan Unit: Energy

March 7 (Bloomberg) -- In less than a decade, Marco Dunand and Daniel Jaeggi have turned a 10-person company supplying oil to a pair of Polish refineries into the world’s fourth-largest commodity trader with revenue topping $100 billion last year.

4. Citigroup Joins JPMorgan Chase in Bracing for Trading Slump

March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are bracing investors for a fourth straight drop in first-quarter trading, a period of the year when the largest investment banks typically earn the most from that business.

5. Putin Calms Ukraine Angst as U.S. Plans $1 Billion Guarantee

March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Vladimir Putin said he sees no immediate need to invade eastern Ukraine as the Obama administration prepares $1 billion in loan guarantees for the cash-strapped nation and threatens sanctions against Russia.

6. Payrolls Point to Stronger U.S. Growth Post Storms: Economy

March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Employers added more workers than projected in February, indicating the U.S. economy is starting to shake off the effects of the severe winter weather that slowed growth at the start of 2014.

7. Saturdays Off Lose to Cash as Buyout Firms Poach Junior Bankers

March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Wall Street’s Class of 2013 is being poached earlier than usual by private-equity and hedge funds, showing it’s going to take more than Saturdays off for the biggest banks to keep their most ambitious employees.

8. Putin Crimea Grab Shows Trail of Warning Signs West Ignored

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Western leaders from President Barack Obama to Chancellor Angela Merkel are telling Russia not to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty. Vladimir Putin’s response as he prepares for military conflict: What about ours?

9. Crimea Crisis Worsens as Ukraine Says Russia Threatens Navy

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Ukraine said Russia threatened to seize its war ships in Crimea amid the worst standoff between the West and Russia since the end of the Cold War.

10. Ukraine Sees Growing Russian Incursions as Kerry Visits Kiev

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Ukraine warned that Vladimir Putin’s military is strengthening its presence in Crimea amid the worst standoff between the West and Russia since the Cold War ended.


1. Goldman Sachs Leans In, Merrill Lynch Leans Out: William Cohan

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Back in the real world of Wall Street -- and away from the absurdity of the @GSElevator hoax -- we have the bizarre story of Alice “A.J.” Murphy, one of the most highly respected women in finance.

2. Bitcoin ‘Keyser Soze’ Moment Cons Usual Suspects: William Pesek

March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Observing the mystery over the collapse of the Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and the disappearance of 750,000 Bitcoins, I keep thinking about “The Usual Suspects.”

3. Getting to $40,000 Now in Sight for South Korea: William Pesek

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Clearly, marketing isn’t Park Geun Hye’s thing. That’s become painfully apparent as the South Korean president pitches a “474 vision” to revitalize the nation’s economy -- a task her predecessor failed at, despite deploying an eerily similar slogan.

4. We Should Have Killed Fannie Mae While We Could: Jonathan Weil

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bruce Berkowitz, who runs the mutual-fund firm Fairholme Capital Management in Miami, sent a couple of scorching letters to the boards of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac the other day, blasting their directors for failing to protect the rights of shareholders. And here’s the funny part: The companies have been warning for years that they have absolutely no interest in protecting shareholders. Berkowitz is venting furiously anyway.

5. California’s $600 Billion Zero-Coupon Pension Hole: David Crane

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- California’s next generation got some good news recently when Assembly Speaker John Perez called upon lawmakers to act this year to find a solution to the state’s largest fiscal issue -- the $80 billion unfunded liability of the teacher pension system.


1. Draghi Says Inflation to Accelerate as ECB Holds Rates

March 6 (Bloomberg) -- European Central Bank President

Mario Draghi speaks at a news conference in Frankfurt about

inflation forecasts and the prospects for the euro-region


2. Lamborghini Unveils Huracan at Geneva Motor Show

March 5 (Bloomberg) –- Lamborghini is debuting the 610-horsepower Huracan at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, which replaces the $181,900 Gallardo -- the Volkswagen AG unit’s all-time best seller. Lamborghini says the Huracan is a rocket anyone can drive.

3. Putin Says Not Considering Adding Crimea to Russia

March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks in Moscow about the overthrow of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and its military intervention in the country’s southern region of Crimea.

4. Apple Debuts CarPlay for IPhone Use in Vehicles

March 5 (Bloomberg) –- Apple Inc.’s CarPlay system is on display at the Geneva International Motor Show, a technology which will provide drivers with a familiar interface for music, maps and voice-based actions.

5. Vendors in Love With BirdieBox Golf Product, CEO Says

March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Keith Bolognese, creator of BirdieBox, talks with Bloomberg’s Michael Buteau about the monthly gift subscription company for golfers.

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