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Want Safety While Using the Internet? Stash the Browser Somewhere Else

Despite the best intentions of Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Apple (Safari), and Google (Chrome), the Web browser remains a most dangerous place. Some people cannot help visiting nefarious sites or clicking on dodgy links in their e-mail. And browsers are all too eager to let folks give in to temptation. Some malicious bit of code makes it way from the browser onto your computer, your e-mail and bank accounts are compromised; days later, an 18-year-old in Slovenia has a new hot tub.

Branden Spikes thinks he has invented a browser that will let people give in to their curious natures and remain safe. He learned the dark art of security technology while working alongside Elon Musk at a number of his ventures, including PayPal and SpaceX. At the latter, Spikes faced the challenge of protecting ideas that the U.S. government deems national secrets and that the Chinese government deems of interest. Having dealt with constant bombardment of the SpaceX network, Spikes started to come up with theories around new security techniques he thought corporations should employ.