Nevada Joins With Delaware for Multistate Online Poker Pact

Nevada and Delaware announced they are linking their new online poker operations, a step that will let players in both states gamble at the same virtual tables.

The agreement develops a framework for the expansion of online betting to include other states, according to a statement issued today by both governors.

Combining bets from players in multiple states allows online operators to offer a greater variety of poker games and stakes, according to Seth Palansky, a spokesman for Caesars Entertainment Corp.’s interactive business. With more money being wagered, companies such as Caesars can offer larger prizes in tournaments.

“This agreement represents a crucial step in Delaware’s and Nevada’s efforts to make our online poker offerings more diverse, more competitive, and ultimately more enjoyable,” Delaware Governor Jack Markell said in a statement.

Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the first three states to legalize online gambling. Betting is limited to players physically in those states.

Under the agreement, each state would collect its own mandated gambling tax, according to A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. Details still to be worked out include the creation of two bodies that will act as overseers of the agreement, he said. Each state will collect its own taxes from its own players, Burnett said.

“It is the first ever of its kind,” Burnett said of the agreement. “It contemplates the ability of other states to join, and it gives full deference to each states’ own regulatory process as long as that process follows strict standards for player protection, licensing, and technical standards.”

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