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Advice for a Jewelry Designer Trying to Expand

Advice for a Jewelry Designer Trying to Expand
Photograph by Serg Myshkovsky/Getty Images

Question: I design custom jewelry. I have had several home-based parties and sold $3,000 to $5,000 worth of cuffs, earrings, and rings at each. I work with a local silversmith who does fabulous work, but he is limited in the number of pieces he can produce because each design is handcrafted. I would like to expand my business to a broader audience, but I need advice on how to increase production and sales.

Answer: You have a good dilemma on your hands if your products are selling faster than you can turn them out. There are several ways you could expand, including taking your jewelry to craft fairs, placing it in boutiques or consignment shops, or selling it on your own website or through Etsy and other online marketplaces. Choose one or two options to start, rather than trying to move on all fronts at once. Measure the returns and the effectiveness of those after a set period of time—perhaps a couple of months—before testing new strategies.