In Shift to Sentimental Olympic Ads, Some Brands Keep Their Edge

The J.C. Penney parody of Blackstreet’s 1996 hip-hop hit No Diggity Source: YouTube

Just one week after we chuckled at Audi’s Doberhuahua and a Radio Shack-ripping Chucky at the Super Bowl, and we’ve already moved on to the next big holiday of advertising: the Olympic Games. It’s when brands are supposed to shed the slapstick humor in favor of odes to family and country, such as Procter & Gamble‘s “Thank You, Mom” campaign or Tim Hortons‘s “Good Ol’ Hockey Game”. At the Super Bowl, “you’re trying to break through at a crowded party,” says Allen Adamson of Landor Associates, a brand consulting firm. “The Olympics you watch as a family.”

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