Banking on Global Warming: Today's Top Reads

Here are today's top reads:

  • Are big banks fueling global warming? (National Journal )
  • Redford: Alberta won't play emissions chicken on Keystone (Bloomberg )
  • Huge leak of coal ash slows at North Carolina power plant (New York Times )
  • Bloomberg: 'The biggest thing you can do…is to close coal-fired power plants' (National Journal )
  • Coalition 'taking an axe' to environment, says Mark Butler (Guardian )
  • Haze over cities is a problem bigger than China: Today's Pic (Bloomberg )
  • America's power is under threat (Wall Street Journal )
  • Higher education gets smart about climate change (GreenBiz )
  • How the Netflix model impacts the environment, economy and society (Guardian )
  • Opening ceremony: Who has Sochi's craziest outfits? (Bloomberg )

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