Complaint Box With No Complaints, VCs Back Fancy Coffee, Donut Pusher: Feb. 3

Illustration by André da Loba

The Illinois government has an online forum to allow small businesses to complain about state regulations. Not one small business filed a complaint last year, Kurt Erickson reports. [Journal Gazette & Times-Courier]

Tim Fernholz suggests that venture capitalists are investing in Blue Bottle Coffee because the Oakland (Calif.)-based coffee retailer could grow like Chipotle did. [Quartz]

Y Combinator partners will have to wait to invest in the accelerator’s startups, according to a new policy. [Y Combinator]

Small businesses are healthy but growing slowly, writes Jeremy Quittner. [Inc.]

Max Abelson hangs out with retired financier Buzzy Geduld, who owns a small donut shop in Manhattan (video). [Bloomberg TV]

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