Car Wreck Lawyer's Super Bowl TV Ad Explodes on the Internet

“Jamie Casino” sounds like a Hollywood action star’s name, but he’s a real-life personal injury lawyer in Savannah, Ga., whose bombastic, cinematic, and just-plain-nuts Super Bowl ad has rocketed him to prominence.

The unusually long two-minute television ad ran locally in Casino’s hometown. It’s a cross between a violent revenge flick, a poignant brothers’ buddy story, and an ambulance-chasing manifesto. It totally jumps the shark, and I loved it.

If Casino’s goal was to get attention—and of course it was—he accomplished that via the ol’ Interweb. For example, here, here, and here. The young woman who answered the phone at Casino Injury Lawyers said the Jaime-r-ator was unavailable for comment. One suspects he’s either got a slew of new slip-and-fall cases and/or several inquiries about directing heavy metal rock videos. He’s that good (at the videos; I have no idea how he does in court).

In case your interested in Casino’s services, his website lists the following specialties: auto accidents, DUI, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, pharmaceutical injury, and dog bites. Until recently, no case was too small, but that may have changed by now.

Casino’s bio says he grew up in “a blue collar suburb of Philadelphia” (he feels your pain, Mr. Working Man and Ms. Working Woman). He graduated summa cum laude from Temple University (nice) and earned a J.D. from Barry University in Miami (not Yale, Stanford, or even University of Pennsylvania, but, hey, snobby degrees don’t necessarily impress jurors). Two other lawyers work with Casino, one of whom is licensed in the Dominican Republic (you don’t see that every day).

I sent Casino some questions via e-mail about his new celebrity and how it’s affecting his life and career. If the Clarence Darrow of Savannah has time to respond, I will update accordingly.

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