Ask a Billionaire: James Dyson on Luxury Possessions

The vacuum cleaner company founder on luxury possessions
Dyson’s headquarters are in Malmesbury, the oldest borough in England Photograph by Kalpesh Lathigra for Bloomberg Businessweek

James Dyson
Founder and chief engineer, Dyson
Net worth: $4.4 billion

What have you bought that’s made you feel incredibly rich?

I don’t really have many possessions, but I’d always really wanted to drive an excavator. So I bought one. I love gardening, and with an excavator you can change the whole garden in a big way very, very quickly. And it’s like an extension of your body; it’s anthropomorphic. In one day, you can radically change everything you can see. And so that was such a luxury to be able to go out and buy one.

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