Startup Buys Factory for $100 Million, Digital Locks, Ross Ulbricht: Jan. 24

Illustration by André da Loba

A 10-month-old startup bought a 93-year-old razor manufacturer for $100 million, Seth Fiegerman reports. [Mashable]

Alex Goldmark asks why more people don’t use digital locks. [WNYC]

The Small Business Administration is increasing funding for its Small Business Investment Company program, which provides funding for investments in small companies, writes Sasha Dai. [Wall Street Journal]

David Segal profiles Ross Ulbricht, the former Eagle Scout who was arrested last October for allegedly running Silk Road, the online marketplace for illegal goods and services. [New York Times]

GoDaddy is remaking its image to better appeal to small business owners, writes Jon Swartz. [USA Today]

Westside Market NYC Chief Executive Officer George Zoitas explains how his business is trying to cash in on the Super Bowl (video). [Fox Business]

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