Davos Warms up to Climate Change: Today's Top Reads

  • China bank regulator said to issue alert on coal loans (Bloomberg )
  • Do middle-managers and finance block progress towards sustainability? (Guardian )
  • Davos: How can companies leave a lighter footprint? (World Economic Forum )
  • En route to Davos: Four business leaders talk about global problem-solving (Huffington Post )
  • Chemical-related hospital visits still rising (Charleston Gazette)
  • China maintains solar target after record installations (Charleston Gazette )
  • Visualizing the companies that have created the most climate change (Bloomberg )
  • China: Where marathon mania and epic air pollution levels collide (Fast Company )
  • Creating tastier and healthier fruits and veggies with a modern alternative to GMOs (Atlantic )
  • Sonoma strives to become first 100 percent sustainable wine region (Scientific American )
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