U.K. Says 1,612 `Green Deal' Plans Agreed in 2013

The U.K. said 1,612 “Green Deals” were agreed in 2013, missing Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker’s goal to get 10,000 of the household energy-efficiency finance programs organized.

Just 626 plans have been completed with all energy-saving measures installed in homes, according to statistics posted today on the website of the Department for Energy and Climate Change. A total of 493 more plans have been signed, and a quote has been accepted for another 493.

The program to provide loans to improve the energy efficiency of the nation’s 26.9 million homes was the centerpiece of the government’s first energy law. In Parliament last week, he said householders were choosing to install measures themselves rather than taking out the loans.

“If people choose to pay for these measures themselves, that is a good thing,” Barker said.

A total of 129,842 Green deal assessments have been made to advise householder what they can do to improve energy savings, according to today’s statistics. Only 5% who’ve had the assessments aren’t proceeding with improvements, Barker said. The program started on Jan. 28.

The Green Deal lets homeowners pay for insulation, double glazing and other measures by taking out a loan with repayments made on their household bills. The government’s “golden rule” is that the repayments should be lower than the cost savings resulting from the measures, though that isn’t guaranteed.

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