Audi to Work With Global Bioenergies on Clean Fuel for Autos

Audi AG, the world’s second-biggest maker of luxury cars, agreed to work with Global Bioenergies SA to develop clean transportation fuel.

Global Bioenergies makes isobutene from renewable resources such as cereals and agricultural and forestry waste. Isobutene may be turned into isooctane that’s used in gasoline engines, the Evry, France-based company said in a statement on its website.

“One crucial point of our collaboration with Audi will consist in supplying them with isooctane derived from our isobutene,” Thomas Buhl, head of business development at Global Bioenergies, said in the statement. “The collaboration with Audi will enable us to emphasize even more the usage of sustainable feedstock.”

The fuel is known as a “drop-in” fuel meaning it’s chemically identical to traditional fuel and therefore requires no changes to engines. It may be blended with traditional fuel, at any ratio, unlike other types of biofuel.

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