China Plans to Improve Rural Environment, Maintain Food Safety

China’s government said it will improve the rural environment and maintain food security in 2014, according to a statement published on the State Council’s website today.

The government will set up a long-term system for sustainable agricultural development and developing safe, good quality agricultural products, according to the statement.

Authorities have pledged to reduce pollution and ensure food safety as they seek to assuage public anger sparked by incidents including chemical spills into supplies of drinking water and the sale of tainted baby formula. Pollution surpassed land disputes as the main cause of social unrest in China, Chen Jiping, a former member of the Communist Party’s Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs, said last year.

China will test new rules and policies for deepening reform in rural areas and the rural land system, according to the statement. The government will also improve the pricing mechanism of vital agricultural products and ensure the safety of imported agricultural goods, it said.

The policy document is issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council every year.

— With assistance by Judy Chen

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