Selling Data to Insurers, Facebook Ads, Kickstarter's Favorite Phrases: Jan. 17

Illustration by André da Loba

SoloHealth installs kiosks that perform blood pressure tests in retail stores, writes April Dembosky. One way it makes money: selling customers’ information to health insurers. [ Kaiser Health News ]

Joyce M. Rosenberg writes that taxes, the minimum wage, and paid sick leave are three policy issues on small businesses owners’ radar for 2014. [ Associated Press ]

Facebook’s revamped ads are appealing to some small business owners, writes Eilene Zimmerman. [ New York Times ]

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology analyzed the language used to describe 45,000 Kickstarter campaigns. Shaunacy Ferro reports on what they learned. [ Fast Company ]

Here’s Maria Contreras-Sweet, just nominated to head the Small Business Administration, talking about boosting California’s economy in a video uploaded in 2010. [ YouTube ]

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