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New Jersey's Casinos Are Sinking Faster Than Online Gambling Can Rise

An Atlantic City casino
An Atlantic City casinoPhotograph by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Six weeks into the era of legalized online gambling in New Jersey, the state has released the first data (PDF) about how much people are gambling on the Internet. Casinos brought in $8.4 million from Nov. 21, the day of online gaming’s soft launch, through the end of the year. This added $1.2 million the state’s coffers. But even with the addition of online gambling, the state’s casinos brought in less money in December than they did in December 2012.

New Jersey is one of three states to have legalized online gambling and it’s the biggest market for it in the U.S.. The launch got off to a shaky start, marred by some technical glitches and patchy marketing. Forecasts about the level of activity ranged widely; industry blog Online Poker Report estimated last week that the first six weeks would bring in $10.5 million. The consensus seems to be that the numbers were at least mildly disappointing.