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Illumina’s DNA Supercomputer Ushers in the $1,000 Human Genome

Illumina’s San Diego headquarters
Illumina’s San Diego headquartersPhotograph by Illumina Inc. via Bloomberg

The $1,000 human genome is here. For real this time.

Illumina, the world’s leading seller of gene sequencing machines, unveiled its HiSeq X (pronounced “High Seek 10”) on Tuesday. The system is the world’s first DNA-crunching supercomputer designed to process 20,000 genomes per year at a cost of $1,000 each. Currently it costs about $10,000 to sequence a human genome. Jay Flatley, Illumina’s chief executive officer, introduced the machine at an investors conference in San Francisco, saying customers will begin receiving the machine this quarter. “This will be a blockbuster product,” he said in an interview.