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Are Corporate Executives Delusional?

Are Corporate Executives Delusional?
Photograph by Dorit Guenter/Gallery Stock

Ask corporate executives what their biggest challenges are, and you’ll get a variety of answers: They need to grow in existing markets; build and maintain efficient and flexible operations; attract and retain the right people and have them in place where and when they’re needed; and develop the operational skills, structures, and culture that will enable them to manage growth and innovation while controlling costs and increasing efficiencies.

In a recent Boston Consulting Group global survey, more than 1,000 senior executives ranked the four challenges identified above as their most critical (out of a field of 15 possible choices). Some 82 percent of the respondents identified “growing in current markets” as one of their top challenges. “Flexible and efficient operations” was identified by 81 percent; “talent management” was selected as a top priority by 76 percent; and “balancing growth and efficiency” was cited by 75 percent.