Kirloskar Builds Water Pump to Cool Tata Coal-Fired Plant

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., an Indian machine-tool maker, built a water-pumping system that uses 10.5 million liters (2.8 million gallons) of seawater every minute to cool Tata Power Co.’s coal-fired plant in Mundra.

The pumping system takes water from the Arabian Sea to help cool the 4,000-megawatt plant in western India, Kirloskar said today in an e-mailed statement. The Pune-based maker of pumps, turbines and valves didn’t say how much the system cost. The Mundra power station is expected to use almost 14.3 million cubic meters of water daily.

Indian companies are competing with farmers and cities for access to water in a nation with 18 percent of the world’s population yet only 4 percent of its freshwater. India and China alone plan to build $720 billion of coal-burning power plants over two decades, more than twice the total power capacity in the U.S., International Energy Agency data show.

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