Andreessen on Bubbles, ‘Sam Adams of Antiquity,’ a College Junior’s Chocolate Shop: Jan. 6

Illustration by André da Loba

Marc Andreessen argues that today’s tech landscape is nothing like the dot-com bubble of the 1990s, in an interview with Douglas MacMillan. [Wall Street Journal]

Archaeologists have uncovered the tomb of ancient Egyptian beer brewer Khonso-Im-Heb, “the Sam Adams of antiquity,” writes Megan Garber. [Atlantic]

What should you do when your business is neither profitable nor scalable? Business school professor Becky Reuber takes a look at the question. [Globe and Mail]

Small businesses borrowed more in November 2013 than they did during the same month of 2012, indicating growing confidence in the economy, writes Ann Saphir. [Reuters]

Johns Hopkins University junior Jamasen Rodriguez has high hopes for his company, Jama Cocoa (video). [Fox Business]

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