From Lyve Minds, Your Own Private Cloud Server

Seagate-backed startup Lyve Minds brings networked storage home
Illustration by 731

A lot of people love the efficiency of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Apple’s iCloud—until they max out on free storage space. Then some start opening multiple accounts, each with its own password to remember and files that can’t be mixed and matched. Trying to connect to the cloud after switching from Apple to Android products, or vice versa, can arouse nostalgia for messy piles of paper. Lyve Minds, a startup funded by storage company Seagate Technology, aims to erase the frustration with a free online app that can turn a family’s devices into a personal cloud capable of beaming data almost instantly from one device to another. “The consumer doesn’t want to manage all this stuff,” says Lyve Minds Chief Executive Officer Tim Bucher, a former Apple engineering executive.

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