Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Ford Files for Re-Election

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has registered to run for re-election after a year when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in office.

Ford filed his papers today, the first day candidates could register for the Oct. 27 election. Registration closes Sept. 12.

“It’s going to get nasty there’s no doubt, it’s already started, but we’re going to stand on our fiscal record,” Ford’s brother and campaign manager Doug told reporters today. “Rob Ford is the only politician that I can remember that’s done what he’s said he’s going to do. That’s a rarity in politics and we’re going to keep moving the city forward.”

After originally denying he used crack cocaine, Ford admitted to smoking the drug after police said they recovered a video consistent with reports in media, including the Toronto Star newspaper, alleging the mayor had been taped using the drug. Since then, city council has stripped Ford of many of his mayoral powers.

Court documents related to a police investigation allege that Ford sought to buy the video from gang members for C$5,000 ($4,700).

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