Bank of England Recent Policy Comments and Decisions

The following is a compilation of policy statements and decisions from the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and Deputy Governors.

Jan. 29 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: Speech in Edinburgh

“Even though employment is growing and unemployment has fallen” the -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 24 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: Speech in Davos, Switzerland

“It now seems likely that the rate of unemployment consistent with stable inflation in the medium term is somewhat lower than the MPC assessed back in August,” when guidance was introduced, Carney said. “The MPC will consider a range of options to update our guidance, recognizing both what we have learned -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 23 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: Interview with BBC

“There are a broad range of things we could do, I wouldn’t jump to that -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 23 -- Paul Fisher. Bank of England Markets Director VENUE: Speech in London

“We are still some way off the point where it is appropriate to start -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 22 -- Ian McCafferty. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: Event at Nottingham Business School

“The equilibrium neutral rate of unemployment may be coming down as we speak,” he said. “So even if unemployment is coming down rapidly, it may not be -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 20 -- David Miles. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: BoE Discussion Paper co-written with Jochen Schanz

“The unwinding of such asset purchases is likely to occur when financial markets are operating more normally,” Miles and Jochen Schanz wrote. If it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 17 -- Ben Broadbent. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: Speech at the London School of Economics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan. 15 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: Testimony to the Treasury Committee in London

“We’re not anticipating some dramatic adjustment to levels of rates,” he said. “It’s a very fundamental point, which is that any decision to change --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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