American Airlines Workers Say Out With the Old Paint Job

Photograph by Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

The new year will bring a new paint job at American Airlines.

Workers of the freshly merged airline voted by a narrow margin to keep the new flag design as the paint livery for the tails of roughly 1,100 airplanes that will be repainted this year. The old silver AA design that American used for some 40 years lost by fewer than 2,300 votes, with more than 60,000 employees weighing in.

American unveiled the flag paint scheme a year ago, before the merger with US Airways was announced, and the airline will begin the big paint job with the 580 jets in the former US Airways fleet. “We of course can’t vote on every decision at the airline, but we do want input from all of you on issues that are important to your work lives,” American Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker wrote today in a memo to employees.

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