Cameron Joined in Syria Aid Pledge by Other Party Leaders

Prime Minister David Cameron and the heads of Britain’s other main political parties pledged to increase aid to Syrians in need as a result of the civil war in the country.

“More than 9 million people in Syria are suffering this Christmas, in desperate need of our help,” Cameron, who heads the Conservative Party, said in a joint statement today with Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband. “The fate of an entire generation of children hangs in the balance. We must all do everything we can to help them.”

Britain has given 523 million pounds ($860 million) so far in aid, including contributions from the public, and will respond to a recent United Nations call for more money, according to the joint statement.

“Britain will give more -– and we urge other nations to do the same,” the three leaders said.

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