When Sharing Isn't Sharing; Post-Holiday Tips; Toledo Courts China: Dec. 27

Illustration by André da Loba

Matt Yglesias reminds everyone that the “sharing economy” is a made-up term for commercial transactions that are, in fact, the opposite of sharing. [Slate]

Eight tips for small retailers hoping to profit during the rush after Christmas. [Small Business Trends]

High-tech manufacturers such as Machine, a computer-controlled mill, are adding workers, modestly increasing the U.S. factory workforce. [NPR]

The mayor of Toledo, Ohio, is wooing investors from China who have backed local hotels, restaurants, and a waterfront development. [New York Times]

Forming a limited liability company in New York State requires business owners to buy legal notices in newspapers at a cost of up to $1,800. One lawyer-turned-entrepreneur is campaigning to lift the rule. [PandoDaily]

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