Jim Beam's New Single-Barrel Bourbon Is 95 Proof, and Kid Rock Likes It

Last week the UPS driver brought me something that put me in a pleasant frame of mind. It was a bottle of the new Jim Beam Single Barrel, available for sale in March. The company says it is “full-bodied with sweet, rich, well-balanced attributes of oak, vanilla and caramel.” It also has a kick. After all, it’s 95 proof. After a few sips, I was inspired to get in touch with Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s great-grandson, who currently serves as “Bourbon Ambassador” for the company. I wanted to know why the company waited so long to make a single-barrel version of its flagship brand, why the alcohol content is so generous, and what the firm’s celebrity spokesman Kid Rock makes of this addition to the Beam product line.

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