Merkel’s CDU Reaches Coalition Accord With Greens in Hesse State

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party and the Greens agreed to form a coalition in the state that’s home to Germany’s financial capital, only the second instance of such a regional alliance in Europe’s largest economy.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union in the state of Hesse, which includes the city of Frankfurt, forged a coalition accord with the environmental Greens in the early hours of today after reaching agreement on the budget and on night flights at Frankfurt international airport, regional broadcaster Hessische Rundfunk said.

“The decisions weren’t easy,” the Greens’ state leader, Tarek Al-Wazir, said on his Twitter account. His counterpart is Volker Bouffier, who is set to remain the state’s CDU premier.

A CDU-Green combination in Hesse might pave the way to future cooperation between the parties on a national level. Merkel’s bloc and the Greens held exploratory talks after the Sept. 22 federal election before deciding that they were unable to find sufficient common ground to form a government. Merkel is being sworn in today at the head of a “grand coalition” with the Social Democrats.

The CDU and the Greens have 63 seats in the 112-seat Hesse state assembly in the regional capital, Wiesbaden. The only other CDU-Green government, which governed the city-state of Hamburg from 2008 to 2010, collapsed amid disagreement, forcing an election that ushered in an absolute majority for the SPD.

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