Gridlock Entrepreneurs, Light Bulb Ban, Holiday Re-Commerce: Dec. 16

Illustration by André da Loba

Robert Smith goes inside the economy of a Jakarta traffic jam (audio). [NPR]

Virtual reality startup Oculus raised $75 million in new funding, writes Peter Rubin. The company previously raised $16 million in June. [Wired]

J.D. Harrison reports on an Obama administration official’s visit to the House Small Business Committee to talk about how the Affordable Care Act is working out for small business owners. [Washington Post]

Light-bulb manufacturers are phasing out popular 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient offerings, Steve Hargreaves reports. [CNN Money]

Gazelle Chief Executive Officer Israel Ganot talking about holiday “re-commerce” (video).  [Bloomberg Television]

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