London Stansted Suffers Delays as Jet Damages Landing Aid in Fog

Passengers flying out of London’s Stansted Airport face delays and cancellations after an incoming aircraft struck a transmitter at the low-cost airline hub.

The General Dynamics Corp. Gulfstream G550 business jet damaged the airport’s instrument landing system, which combined with foggy weather led arrivals to be diverted. While operating restrictions were lifted amid improved visibility, departures may be disrupted with the planes out of position, Stansted said.

Ryanair Holdings Plc was forced to divert 15 aircraft to Birmingham, Luton, London Gatwick and East Midlands airports, with their passengers subsequently transferred to Stansted by bus, Europe’s biggest discount carrier said in a statement.

National Air Traffic Services Ltd. has sent engineers to repair the damage, Stansted said. ILS beacons help guide pilots in to land and are especially vital at times of poor visibility.

The glitch at Stansted comes three days after thousands of passengers were delayed at airports across Britain when NATS’s Swanwick air traffic control center suffered a technical failure while switching from nighttime to daytime operations.

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