Wedding-Industrial Complex, Ghostwriting 101, Popular on EBay: Dec. 9

Illustration by André da Loba

Tech companies brought price transparency to industries that include travel, retail, and life insurance. Catherine Rampell wonders why one hasn’t tackled the wedding-industrial complex. [New York Times Magazine]

Michelle Andrews explains what happens if an insurance buyer’s income changes after she receives her Obamacare subsidy. [Kaiser Health News]

Alex Mayyasi digs into the ghostwriting industry, noting “it’s hard to tell whether ghostwriting is becoming more common or just slightly more transparent.” [Pricenomics]

Adam Dukes writes that small business owners can learn from Will Ferrell. [Business2Community] (h/t @genemarks)

How will small businesses survive the “future robot economy?” Max Nisen has five ideas. [Business Insider]

Here’s what people are buying on eBay this holiday season (video). [Bloomberg TV]

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