Explosions of Flavor: New Year's Fireworks Show in London Includes Plans to Light Up Your Taste Buds

New Year's Eve fireworks in London in 2012. Photographer: Towfiqu/Getty Images

The New Year's Eve fireworks in London this year will be fruit flavored.

In one of the more original moves for a phone company's ad department, Newbury, England-based Vodafone is planning to kick off a new marketing campaign by sponsoring a fireworks display that will engage viewers' senses of smell and taste.

Food science company Bompas & Parr, also known for creating jelly moulds of London landmarks and turning the boating lake in Kew Gardens into a fruit salad this summer, has been hired for the project, Vodafone said. The event sounds similar to Bompas & Parr's "Fruit Weather'' installation in Moscow, which used humidifiers to turn strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, lime and pear flavors into an "immersive and inhabitable cloud."

"There will be a host of special effects involving sight, sound, fruit flavors and fruit smells which, combined with the pyrotechnic and lighting display, will create a multi-sensory experience for thousands of people," Vodafone said.

Beats the taste of gunpowder, we suppose.

Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, has signed off on the project, which he said "will add to the magic on the night."

The New Year's Eve fireworks will also include a smartphone app that uses the device's camera to create an augmented reality version of the display that can be viewed, but not tasted, globally.

Given how grimy mobile screens get, that's probably a good thing.

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