Obamacare Wrinkle, Halal Social Network, Small Toymakers: Dec. 5

Illustration by André da Loba

23andMe Chief Executive Officer Anne Wojcicki says her company should have been more proactive in communicating with the government, after the Food and Drug Administration told 23andMe to stop marketing its $99 DNA test, reports Michal Lev-Ram. [Fortune]

Sarah Needleman dives into an Obamacare technicality that some small business owners say will force them to pay unfair penalties. [Wall Street Journal]

Elcin Poyrazlar interviews Abdul-Vakhed Niyazov, co-founder of Salamworld, the halal social network. [Vocativ]

Alexis Madrigal talks to Matternet founder Andreas Raptopoulos, who is working to build a network of drones to deliver lightweight packages. [Atlantic]

Diane Macedo reports on small toymakers trying to pry holiday sales away from larger companies (video). [Fox Business]

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