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Want Legalized Marijuana? Better Hope America Stays Grumpy

Medical marijuana is dispensed in Colorado
Medical marijuana is dispensed in ColoradoPhotograph by Matthew Staver/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The time is coming, predicts Euan Wilson, when people will smoke exotic varieties of marijuana, such as Maui Wowi, as casually as they drink Budweiser. How can he be sure?

Wilson is a researcher at the Socionomics Institute, a Gainesville (Ga.) think tank that examines the relationship between the overall mood of society and the gyrations of the financial markets, and he sees a definite correlation between increased marijuana legalization in the U.S. and the pessimistic, post-recession national mood. I asked him by e-mail to explain his assertion that such recent developments as the approval of a ballot measure in Colorado to tax legal pot sales support his larger theory.