On Black Friday, Strikes and Counterstrikes at Wal-Mart's Stores

Community and labor groups protest outside a Wal-Mart in Lakeside, Colorado on Nov. 29 Photograph by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images

I’ve never received as many e-mails about Wal-Mart or from Wal-Mart as I have in the past couple of days. Company executives have been furiously trying to undermine Black Friday protestors and promoting their Black Friday deals, all at the same time. The organizers of the protests—rallies were planned at some 1,500 stores around the country—have been busy, too. The group of workers, OUR Walmart, is asking that Wal-Mart Stores pay higher full-time wages, $25,000 a year, and offer more full-time work. They also want Wal-Mart to stop retaliating against workers who participate in strikes. A few protestors also planned acts of civil disobedience that could get them arrested.

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