Another Lending Bubble, Fab CEO's Past, a 'Glorified Oven Mitt': Nov. 29

Illustration by André da Loba

Lynnley Browning reports on a new boom in “covenant-light” loans for small businesses. [New York Times]

Ben Popper writes that Fab Chief Executive Officer Jason Goldberg’s first startup, Jobster, “expanded at a wild pace” before crashing hard. [Verge]

A Fab spokesman tells Jim Edwards that Popper’s story is “highly skewed.” [Business Insider]

Startup Radiator Labs is developing a “glorified oven mitt” to reduce the costs of heating New York City apartments (audio). [WNYC]

Large retailers are planning big holiday discounts, sacrificing profits to drive foot traffic. What’s that mean for Main Street (video)? [Bloomberg Television]

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