Nigerian State Destroys 240,000 Bottles of Beer on Islamic Law

Nigeria’s northern state of Kano destroyed more than 240,000 bottles of beer, citing violation of its Shariah rule forbidding alcoholic drinks.

The bottled drinks seized from distribution trucks were crushed by bulldozers in a field in the Hayin Kalebawa district yesterday, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, head of Hisbah, the Islamic police, told reporters today in Kano city. Many of the bottles bore markings of the Star and Gulder brands produced by Nigerian Breweries Plc.

“We hope this measure will help restore the tarnished image of Kano,” Daurawa said. Hisbah will take its operations to every part of the state “to put an to the sale and consumption of alcohol and all other intoxicants.”

Kano is among 12 states in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north that adopted Shariah from 2000 to 2002, sparking clashes with Christians in several cities in which thousands of people died. The more than 160 million population of Africa’s biggest oil producer is almost evenly split between a south dominated by Christians and predominantly Muslim north.

Islamist insurgents led by the Boko Haram group, whose name means “western education is a sin,” have carried out attacks across the north and the capital, Abuja, since 2009 in its campaign to establish Shariah rule across the country.

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