Dubai Police’s Khalfan Says ‘No Escape’ for Brotherhood Groups

Dahi Khalfan, replaced as Dubai police chief after more than three decades in charge of the force, warned supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood he’d continue to monitor their activities.

“O Brotherhood, I want tell you I am in the police and public security’s top leadership and there’s no escaping me!” Khalfan posted on his Twitter account on Nov. 23, after last month being named deputy chairman of police and general security. He’s succeeded as police commander-in-chief by Major General Khamis Matar Al Mazeina, who took office Nov. 23.

Officials in the United Arab Emirates have openly opposed what they say are attempts by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize the desert nation, emboldened by uprisings across the Middle East. In July, 69 people were sentenced to seven to 15 years in jail for establishing a secret organization aimed at threatening the U.A.E.’s sovereignty. The government said the group had ties to the Brotherhood.

Khalfan, who had run Dubai’s police since 1980, has been one of the Brotherhood’s most outspoken critics.

The U.A.E. pledged aid to Egypt following the military’s ouster of Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Mursi in July.

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