Snapchat Depositions, Recreational Marijuana License, Obamacare's 'Hidden Tax': Nov. 22

Illustration by André da Loba

Alyson Shontell turns up leaked video depositions from a lawsuit contesting the ownership of messaging startup Snapchat. [Business Insider]

Colorado issued its first recreational marijuana retail license to Annie’s Central City Dispensary, writes Matt Ferner. [Huffington Post]

Boston-based CoachUp raised $6.7 million to expand its marketplace for matching athletes with private sports coaches, writes Kyle Alspach. [Boston Business Journal]

Insurers will pay about $8 billion by way of a new fee imposed under the Affordable Care Act in 2014, writes Sarah E. Needleman. Industry experts expects small business owners and individual consumers to bear the brunt of the cost. [Wall Street Journal]

Opower Chief Executive Officer Dan Yates tells Gabrielle Karol that his startup has saved consumers $200 million in energy bills (video). [Fox Business]

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