EU Seeks Timeline for Global Climate Deal, Irish Minister Says

Phil Hogan, Ireland’s environment minister, comments in an interview on the progress of talks over a 2015 global climate agreement. Envoys from more than 190 countries are meeting in Warsaw through tomorrow at an annual UN summit.

On a timetable for talks until 2015:

“We need a process, we need a road-map and we need to see enhanced measures being proposed. Some countries that agreed these options in Durban are trying to roll back a little bit, especially the developing countries.”

“At the end of the day there was quite a robust exchange of views inside in the plenary session by the European Union and the United States which hopefully will concentrate the minds of people in the developing countries that’ve been trying to unravel some of the work that was already agreed in Durban.”

“In the nature of these negotiations people don’t compromise and they don’t reach an agreement until the 11th hour.”

“Warsaw has been always perceived as a staging post towards Paris and there’s a significant heads of governments meeting arranged by Ban Ki-moon for next September. So all of those are staging posts on the way towards reaching an agreement in Paris.”

“The timelines and milestones between now and Paris, that’s the objective.”

On discussions over loss and damage for climate impacts:

“I hope that we will develop a process whereby the further meetings in 2014 will make progress. But I don’t see a lot of ambition here in terms of getting an outcome on loss and damage.”

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