Xbox Has Kind Words for the New PlayStation

Friday is Sony’s day in the sun, and so it wasn’t surprising to see the folks at Xbox take to Twitter for a little freelance commentary about their main rival as the new PlayStation 4 went on sale. It was a bit surprising that they were so nice about it, though. This morning Xbox had this to say:

Just like celebrity rap battles, both brands generally win when the twentysomethings who run their social media accounts start talking to one another. Last year, Taco Bell took offense at a seeming criticism of its fire sauce posted to the Old Spice Twitter account, and Oreo seems to spend a fair amount of time sending replies to other brands’ accounts, always in a friendly spirit. But companies aren’t always so magnanimous during their competitors’ launches. When Grand Theft Auto V was released, for instance, the makers of Saints Row paid Twitter to promote the hashtag #GATV, confusing many people looking for Twitter commentary on Grand Theft Auto (which fans were discussing under the similar hashtag #GTAV).

All this may be indicative of nothing more than that the twentysomethings running corporate Twitter accounts are really bored. But Xbox did seem to get a fair amount of positive attention for its tweet, which was seen as heartwarming and savvy or possibly just plain confusing. But a little collegiality among the console companies does make a certain amount of sense. After all, they have bigger things than each other to worry about.