Stockholm Water Institute to Host Unesco Transboundary Center

The Stockholm International Water Institute agreed to host the first Unesco center with a focus on defusing transboundary water disputes that could potentially lead to war.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization decided to set up the research center in Sweden, to be run by SIWI in collaboration with Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg, to increase cooperation and assist “in regions where conflict over shared waters is strong.”

SIWI organizes World Water Week annually in Sweden’s capital and will with the “one of a kind” center now highlight cross-border waters. The center will “concentrate on how to establish and develop effective water partnerships despite contexts of political conflict,” SIWI said.

Climate change, population pressures and water demands from agriculture to energy raise the risk of violence, according to the UN. The majority of countries “share water resources in some form such as rivers and lakes,” SIWI said. “Cooperation with other states on this vital resource is essential.”

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