Greek Yogurt Deodorant and Other Hypothetical Products

After the rapid rise of Greek yogurt into a $2 billion business in the U.S., the industry is starting to feel the strain of slower growth. Sales of the thick, slightly-sour yogurt “are starting to slow as it is no longer a novelty product,” according to a Euromonitor International report. If only there were other uses for the stuff beyond breakfast …

That’s where Affinnova comes in. The marketing firm works with consumer-goods companies such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever as well as food manufacturers like Dannon. It came up with a number of unusual applications for Greek yogurt, ranging from health products to shampoo to deodorant.

Affinnova’s survey asked 800 people whether they thought these yogurt-infused alternatives would be better than what’s on the market already and if they thought the idea was new and different—an indication of how well a product might sell. The winners: Greek yogurt anti-aging cream, toothpaste, and diaper rash cream. These products aren’t yet available—certainly not widely—so it remains unclear if smearing Greek yogurt on your armpits would be pleasant.

Still, the survey underscores just how enamored American consumers have become with Greek yogurt. Even the idea of smothering it all over their bodies doesn’t repel random consumers.

Below, see how Affinnova’s various ideas ranked in the survey; anything above 100 has high potential, according to the researchers.

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