Gay Rights Bill, Pet-Friendly Kickstarter, 3D Printing Prosthetics: Nov. 11

Illustration by André da Loba

Republicans say a gay rights bill would “cost American jobs, especially small business jobs.” Small employers don’t seem too concerned by the bill, writes J.D. Harrison. [Washington Post]

Pet-friendly products are raising lots of loot on Kickstarter, writes Karsten Strauss. [Forbes]

Barcelona-based startup SiempreSecos is developing diapers equipped with moisture sensors to let parents know when their children need changing, reports Natasha Lomas. [TechCrunch]

Kay Bell has tax advice for independent contractors. [Fox Business]

Fripp Design and Research, a manufacturer in Sheffield, U.K., is using 3D printing to make cheaper prosthetics (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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