Ukrainian Lawmakers to Discuss Tymoshenko Legislation Next Week

Ukrainian lawmakers will hold a special session Nov. 13 to discuss a bill to let jailed ex-Premier Yuliya Tymoshenko get medical care in Germany.

“We’re not talking about releasing her -- we’re talking about a bill to allow her to get medical treatment only,” opposition lawmaker and heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko said today in the capital, Kiev. “A lot depends on this decision and we all have to do everything we can.”

Tymoshenko’s fate is the main obstacle to Ukraine’s plans to sign a European Union association pact this month. While the 28-member bloc calls her conviction selective justice and wants her release, President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions says she must continue to serve her seven-year prison term once she’s received treatment for back pain.

Tymoshenko first became prime minister in 2005 after the Orange Revolution helped overturn Yanukovych’s presidential victory. Her conviction stems from a natural gas contract she signed with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2009, which prosecutors say was damaging to Ukraine.

Lawmakers today backed separate legislation sought by the EU on elections on the judiciary.

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