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How We Rank the Schools

Bloomberg Businessweek’s rankings of part-time MBA, executive MBA, and nondegree executive education programs each have their own methodology:

Part-Time MBA: This ranking is based on eight separate measures of student satisfaction, academic quality, and post-graduation outcomes. To measure student satisfaction, we survey part-time MBA students at participating schools—those who have recently graduated or are nearing graduation— about all aspects of their academic experience. Academic quality is determined using six equally weighted measures: average GMAT score, average student work experience, the percentage of teachers who are tenured, average class size in core business classes, the number of business electives available to part-timers, and the percentage of students who ultimately complete the program. To gauge post-graduation outcomes, we determine the percentage of student survey respondents from each school who say their part-time MBA program was “completely” responsible for their having achieved career goals. The student survey contributes 40 percent of the final ranking, with academic quality and post-MBA outcomes contributing 30 percent each.