Arrogance in Silicon Valley, Sex Workers Embrace Obamacare, Online Sales Tax: Nov. 5

Illustration by André da Loba

Silicon Valley has an arrogance problem, writes Farhad Manjoo. [ Wall Street Journal ]

Small business owners in Greece protested new rules that will allow shops to open for business on seven Sundays a year, writes Renee Maltezou. [ Reuters ]

In San Francisco, sex workers are embracing Obamacare, writes Erica Fink. [ CNN Money ]

Amazon and other online retailers are watching to see if the U.S. Supreme Court resolves conflicting court decisions regarding states’ rights to collect sales tax on online transactions, writes Erin McManus. [ Bloomberg News ]

A.J. Forsythe talks about launching his company, ICracked, which employs 400 technicians to repair cracked iPhones (video). [ Fox Business ]

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